Concept Quests are growing!

Concept Quests for grade 3 is now aligned with the Eureka Math® curriculum, by Great Minds!

Concept Quests for grades 6 and 7 will be aligned with the Connected Math Project (CMP3) curriculum in Fall 2019!

Other programs are on the way! Stay tuned for developments with Illustrative Mathematics and other Eureka Math® grade levels!

Each Concept Quest aligns with a single unit of instruction and consists of 12 tasks. The first six tasks are Excursion tasks, which serve to enrich students' experiences with the content of the unit. The six Adventure tasks extend students' thinking and provide opportunities to make connections to other important mathematical concepts. 

Students may choose to work on the Excursion or the Adventure tasks in any order, providing they have completed all of the Excursion tasks before moving on to the Adventure tasks. They may even work on tasks and then put them aside for a time, as they work on other tasks or parts of the core mathematics curriculum.

Click on the links below to see sample Excursion and Adventure tasks that align with The Math Learning Center's Bridges® in Mathematics second edition series for grades 2-5 and the Connected Math Project (CMP3) curriculum for grades 6 and 7.

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