Concept Quests are curriculum-aligned, content-rich resources for differentiation that provide students with opportunities to apply, deepen, and extend their mathematical understandings.

Each Concept Quest consists of 12 problem-solving tasks and puzzles, including:

  • 6 Excursion tasks to apply and deepen students’ understanding of essential unit concepts, and

  • 6 Adventure tasks to extend students’ thinking and support them in making important mathematical connections.

Concept Quests offer students an opportunity to choose tasks to engage in and self-regulate their learning. Students choose the order in which they would like to explore Excursion and Adventure tasks, with the understanding that all Excursion tasks must be completed before exploring Adventure tasks. Students may also choose to put aside tasks, or let them "percolate", until they are more ready to engage with the content.


“Concept Quests have challenged my students to move beyond the idea that every problem has an easy solution. They are developing the grit, stamina, and confidence to persevere when a quick solution is not evident. Concept Quests have become an essential tool in my classroom for differentiation, providing rich tasks related to our instructional units.” 

Lori, 4th grade teacher

"I was looking for something to extend and challenge students in a way that was not just another worksheet, puzzle, or packet. Something that was based on real world math problem solving, one that engaged mathematicians of all levels, encouraged productive struggle, and aligned with our current math curriculum. Sounds impossible, right? That’s what I thought until I brought Concept Quests into my classroom. Students are working independently and cooperatively to challenge themselves with concepts that take them even deeper into standards and that change right along with our math units. It has been a game changer. Thank you for this resource!"

Lacy, 4th grade teacher

"Concept Quests give my students the opportunity to extend and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and practices through engaging and relatable real-world problems. The units line up perfectly with the curriculum and are always relevant to what my students are learning." 

Joannah, 5th grade teacher

"Concept Quests have increased the level of differentiation, enrichment, challenge, and fun in my math instruction – kids love them!  The problems are targeted specifically to each unit in the Bridges curriculum, and the story problems are tailored to the unique places, events, and people in my community, making them relatable and engaging for kids of all levels."

Megan, Elementary Math Specialist

"I am so glad for the opportunity to have been trained in Concept Quests and share the resource with my classes these last couple years. It has become an integral part of my math classroom."

Tye, 5th grade teacher

The other day I listed options of what students could do when they were finished with their assignments and I inadvertently did not include CQ as an option.  Their response was “WHAT, no Concept Quest!!!”  I was thrilled to say of course they could work on that as well.Thanks so much for developing this program.  I think it is fantastic.

Deborah, 4th grade teacher

My class LOVES concept quests. They all always have it as an option during work places and then during our intervention time, I have a group of students who get extended concept quest time. They were so sad when I took out the 1st unit and replaced it with the 2nd unit...and then they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new problems. So much fun!!

Sarah, 5th grade teacher


"I like Concept Quests because it is fun and challenging. Even though it makes me struggle a lot, it is so fun. It makes me want to learn way more and to do way more. It makes me want to become a teacher." 

W.T. 4th Grade Student


"I love Concept Quest so much I think it is a great challenge for all people. Thank you so much for getting those for are classroom they are a great addition to have."

B.L. 4th Grade Student


"I love Concept Quest because they give me a nice challenge. I love math a lot so I really enjoy doing them. Some of them can make me frustrated but most of them are really fun. I can’t wait to try doing a adventure."

E.R. 4th Grade Student